Dr Who scarf, as worn by Tom Baker

This article gives knitting instructions to create the iconic scarf with a little background and how I went about making mine.

I have knitted two Dr Who scarves, replicas of the scarf Tom Baker wore in seasons 16-17. The first was finished on 11th April 2017 and the second finished about a year later. They measure approximately 18 foot long after blocking.

Tom Baker was the fourth Doctor in the original set of series. The scarf went through various versions, alterations, additions, and patching during Tom Baker’s long tenure as The Doctor. The scarf mine were based on was actually two scarves connected together and weren’t quite the same width (9 inches and 11 inches). If I were to try making an authentic looking replica, I would ensure I varied the width to take this into account but I decided not to do that and mine measure nearer 9 inches in width all the way along. When the two original scarves were connected, they were not facing the same way so, half way along, the “wrong side” and the “right side” switch. I have also decided not to replicate this error.

Getting the colours accurate is a big challenge for most people tackling the project for various reasons.  Working off various pictures and video clips of the show produces different shades of the colours used and even trying to research where the original yarn came from is practically impossible. After reading up on several websites and looking at (probably) hundreds of pictures, I’ve come up with these instructions for this long version of the scarf. I’ve also detailed the yarn and needles I used. I was keen to find a yarn brand which could supply all seven colours as accurately as possible.

Below is the chart I used for knitting the second scarf I made. The instructions for the first one was almost identical and they measure about the same in length. The differences in the patterns probably arose from different people working out the pattern from pictures of the scarf or different sources.

Here are the instructions. It’s really easy, no purling and great for novice knitters.

  • 3.5mm needles recommended or 4mm needles (I used 4mm needles)
  • DK weight yarn (light worsted, category 3 yarn), see below for suggested brand
  • Garter stitch (knit all the rows), slip the last stitch of each row as if to knit
  • Tassels, 4 inches in length, consists of all seven colours, placed close together

Yarn brand and colour suggestions

I have used Stylecraft Special DK in the following colours. The pattern in the table below states simple colour names and I have listed the Stylecraft colour names in brackets.

Burgundy (purple)
Camel (tan)
Copper (brown)
Sunshine (yellow)
Lipstick (red)
Khaki (green)
Graphite (grey)

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